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Switching from Synthetic pesticides to AFTS will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your animals! Natural pesticides offer more environmentally friendly alternatives to the standard products. AFTS can be sprayed directly on the animal and is as or more effective than the standard products lasting up to 14 days against flies, ticks, and other biting pests. 

What is a Pesticide?

A pesticide is any substance whose purpose is to prevent, extinguish, or repel pests. In our case, we are keeping pests away from our livestock. Pesticides have a number of benefits including health, safety, comfort, increased livestock yield, increased livestock quality, and more. While there are a number of positives, there are also a number of disadvantages to using synthetic pesticides. Synthetic pesticides may kill insects, but they cause contamination to everything in the environment including humans and your animals! Synthetic pesticides can cause:

Natural Care

Where to Buy

Our natural Fly and Tick spray is available in locations throughout the country.

Scientifically Formulated Natural Fly and Tick Spray


AFTS is scientifically proven to be the most effective natural fly and tick spray on the market. Our natural ingredients are derived from plants and are less toxic for your horses, cattle, and the environment. AFTS is proven to repel insects even in extreme environments, preventing infestations of flies and ticks that can carry deadly diseases. AFTS will give you the peace of mind that your pets and livestock are protected from pests without any harsh chemicals and environmental harm!

In addition to its effectiveness, AFTS is also competitive in cost. Most people think that natural pesticides are the most expensive on the market but that’s not true! The cost savings of using a natural fly and tick spray can add up over time and help keep your farm healthy. Our natural pesticide option is more affordable and longer lasting! 

Make the switch to AFTS today and protect your farm, animals, and environment! With AFTS, you can rest easy knowing that your animals aren’t being exposed to harsh chemicals and pollutants. Make the switch today and give your animals the protection they need!

How it Works

Our environmentally friendly natural pesticide spray is made specifically for flies and ticks but it also knocks down other similar pests!
Fill sprayer with natural fly and tick spray
Apply AFTS to your animals skin/fur
Enjoy your next days fly and tick free!

Benefits of AFTS

Our scientifically formulated natural pest control spray contains no synthetic chemicals. It combines all-natural active ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, and other natural compounds that are specifically designed to repel flies and ticks while keeping your animals safe.

What Our Customers Say...

We receive nothing but positive feedback from our customers! They love how easy Natural Fly & Tick Spray is to apply and the safety benefits it offers. Read what they have to say about our product:

How to Make the Switch

Make the switch by finding a retailer near you

Make the switch by finding a retailer near you that carries AFTS! We are available in retailers across the continental US. If you’re unable to find a retailer close by contact us and we will make it available for you!

At the end of the day, switching to a natural fly and tick spray is an easy decision that can have long-term positive impacts on your livestock, and the environment. If you’re looking for a healthier, safer alternative to synthetic pesticides, AFTS is the perfect choice! Make the switch today and enjoy a pest-free life with your animals.

At Arkion Life Sciences, we are a part of the national natural program trying to give everyone the option of natural pest control solutions. We offer natural Mosquito and Tick Control for yards, natural Goose and Bird Control, Natural Bird Repellent Seed Treatment, and more! that carries AFTS! We are available in retailers across the continental US. If you’re unable to find a retailer close by contact us and we will make it available for you!